Fren.ME is a Smart and powerful tool that allows you to overlay your campaign! So, make Your Link As Short As Possible!

Fren.ME is a Smart and powerful tool that allows you to overlay your campaign! So, make Your Link As Short As Possible!

Fren.ME is a Smart and powerful tool that allows you to overlay your campaign! So, make Your Link As Short As Possible!

Fren.ME is a Smart and powerful tool that allows you to overlay your campaign! So, make Your Link As Short As Possible!

Digital Marketing


Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is expected to take a big leap in 2015.Mobile-specific content will be created for mobile phone wich incorporate the rules of.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is said to make an even greater impact in 2015. Money from PPC, SEO and SocMed will be allocated to content.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will be recognized as one of the pillar of marketing. In 2015 it is expected to be used as a solid and effective Digital Marketing Platform.

Reinvent Native Ads

If you only want to encode text, a Plain Text QR Code is the best option. After the scan, users will see the text directly on their smartphone screens.

Why Choose Fren.ME

Short, Smart, and Share

Fren.ME is a Smart and powerful Digital Marketing Tools that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any page, but you are the one responsible for driving traffic to include a call-to-action with every link and QR Code you share.


Fren.ME having an unique and memorable Brand Name helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in digital marketing campaign.

User Acquisition & Retention

Fren.ME gives you an easier way to increase retention & acquisition because it gives the power of user experience with fornt-end website & mobile applicaton of digital marketing tools.

Smart Digital Content Marketing ( Call to Action URL Shortener )

Make the information engaging and attractive without overloading or overpowering campaign, with persuasive call to action (CTA), It help drive your visitors to take immediate action.

Analyzed Campaign Performance

With Fren.ME, your campaign presence stays with the viewer through to the outbound page. As part of that page, you also gain valuable insights into every visit. Fren.ME analytics can tell you the Analyzed Campaign Performance.



Front-End Interface (Fren.ME)

A customer experience is the holistic experience that customers perceive as they interact with every facet of a product or brand. Just paste the link which you want to be shortened, it will take some seconds and the link and QR Code will display. Registered User for more features and benefits

URL Shortener & QR Code Generator

Image Uploader

VCard Generator

Plain Text & Others



Mobile Application

Fren.ME Mobile Applications give users a quick way to convert a long web address into a shorter, more manageable one that is easier to share. Share the content you care about on the web, and expand your website or business with link analytics. This Apps allows you to Generate and Scann VCard for business or personal purpose.

QR Code Generator & Scanner

Vcard Generator

Social Media Connect

Analyzed Report



Content Management System

Measure and track performance through link analytics. Use these insights to learn what content is popular, where it’s popular and who it’s popular with to improve your marketing efforts.

User Management

Personalized Custom URL

Campaign Management

Analyzed Report Performance

Analyzed Report


Total Clicks

Click tracking allows you to see which subscribers clicked links in your campaign

Date & Time

Total number of times tracked links were clicked by recipients.


Analyze areas to identify the most attractive markets for expansion or consolidation.

Reverral Site

A visitor's referral lets you to see how people are finding your site.

User Acquisition

Analyze User Data Collection that generated by Vcard Features to improve effiency of resolving customer issues.

Device Category

The reason to perform user agent sniffing is to determine which type of device the browser runs on.

Smart Business

Plan Solutions

Fren.ME is deeply integrated into marketing strategies of companies big and small. There are many benefits to using Fren.ME on an enterprise level that are very different than for free versions.

Free User

●   Unlimited URL Shortener

●   Limited Click/URL

●   1 Brand

●   Team Member

●   Basic Report

Internal Needs

●   Full Features & Full Analytic Report

Pro User

●   Unlimited URL Shortener

●   Based on Package Click per-URL

●   Based on Package Brand

●   Based on Package Team Member

●   Advanced Report

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